Silvia Balia
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali, Università di Cagliari; CRENoS
Università di Cagliari
viale S. Ignazio, 78 - 09123 Cagliari


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Demand for Health and Health Care
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Health Care Systems and Reform
Long-Term Care

Silvia Balia - graduated in Political Science at the University of Cagliari (Italy) in 2002, she obtained a MSc degree in Economics and Quantitative Methods from the University of Rome - Tor Vergata in 2003 and a PhD in Economics from the University of York (UK) in 2008. She is associate professor in Economic Policy at the Department of Economics and Business, University of Cagliari. She is a researcher at the Centre for North South Economic Research (CRENoS, Universities of Cagliari and Sassari), and an external affiliate at the Health Econometrics and Data Group (University of York). She teaches courses in the field of Applied Economics and Microeconometrics. Her works, mainly focused on inequalities in health and lifestyles and on the demand for long-term care, are published in the Journal of Health Economics, the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A, and Health Economics. Currently, her research interests are on joint consumption and retirement decisions in couples, labour market effects of informal care in men and women, regional variation in healthcare and patient mobility, innovation and health outcomes in developing countries. She serves as reviewer for many economics journal and for the Ministry of Education for projects evaluation.