Angela Testi
University of Genova
Department of economics and business studies

+39 335461109

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Clinical pathways  and chronic disease management
Efficiency Measurement in Health Care
Equity in Health and Health Care
Health Technology Assessment

Full time Associate Professor of Political Economy (SECS P02)
---Member of the Teachers' College of the Doctoral school in the Doctoral School in Economics, University of Genova.
--- President of Three Graduate Courses of the Department of Economics (Degree in Business, Degree in Economics, Degree in  Maritime, Logistics and Transport Economics)
--- President of AMAS (Academy for Education in Health Management), University of Genova (since 2012), for the Managerial Formation for National Health System Directors and Managers recognized by Regione Liguria for the National Health Service.
---Member of the Scientific Committee of ORAHS (Operation Research Applied to Health Services-European Working Group).   
---Main Current Teaching Activity is held in the University of Genova, where she  holds classes of Microeconomics, Health Policy, Health Economics
---Main publications are in the field of  Expenditure models, Consumption function, Quantitative analysis of health care delivery, Deprivation, Data Envelopment Analysis, Operations Research.
In the past she was National Responsible of Research Projects with Agenas and Health Ministry; member of the National Committee for Health Research Funding; member of the Academic Senate of the University of Genova and covered many institutional, academic and editorial appointments.